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residential property investors

Make money. Make a difference.

An investment property with a difference: You help solve a massive social need and in return, enjoy higher rental returns, longer tenures and hassle-free management.

Make money

Our rental properties deliver higher rental returns to investors than a standard residential property investment.

Make a difference

Help vulnerable senior Australians access ageing-friendly rental accommodation that solves the loneliness crisis.

Peace of mind

Long-term tenants carefully curated and actively managed to ensure your investment property is properly cared for.


A socially-conscious investment with a better-than-market return


Market demand

There is significant un-met demand for ageing-appropriate rental housing in almost every part of Australia.



Co-living reduces loneliness for older single people, while providing comfortable, affordable rental accommodation.


Long tenures

Seniors who rent typically seek long tenures, which reduces the time your property is not earning income.


Quality tenants

Senior renters are house-proud and easy on your asset, especially when compared with younger renters and families.


Experienced manager

You benefit from Calyptus Co-living’s deep experience across property investment and seniors living.


Frequent check-ins

Our interest in our tenants extends beyond that of a normal property manager. You know your investment property is in good hands.

Investors FAQ


Why Calyptus Co-living?

Calyptus Co-living is a specialist flatmate matching service and residential property manager with deep experience in residential property investment and seniors accommodation. We partner with investment property owners who want to make a positive difference to the lives of senior Australians and benefit from the higher returns generated by the co-living concept.

Is this affordable housing?

No. It is rental accommodation tailored to a very specific demographic that is large and growing rapidly.

What are the costs?

Calyptus charges a management fee of 9% (plus GST) of the gross rent, plus an initial letting fee of two weeks’ rent (plus GST).

Landlords cover all rates and utilities costs such as water and power. Because you are paying the electricity costs, it may make sense for you to install solar power. Let us know if you would like us to arrange a quote.

Calyptus pays for resident wifi and emergency call monitoring.

What is co-living?

The co-living concept is all about providing seniors with secure, comfortable rental accommodation with like-minded flatmates, in order to reduce the prevalence of loneliness for single, retired people.

Can you find me a co-living investment property?

Yes. If you are interested in buying a Calyptus Co-living home we can introduce you to new house and land packages (where homes are designed for co-living) that meet your criteria for price and location. This service is free to you as Calyptus receives a small fee from the builder.

We run waiting lists of potential tenants and can recommend areas of high rental demand with tenants ready to move in.

Why seniors?

There is a significant lack of ageing-friendly accommodation in the private rental housing sector. Seniors who rent often struggle to find secure, comfortable accommodation that provides them with security of tenure, affordability and the ability to age-in-place.

Seniors are the ideal tenants for your investment property. They are house-proud, gentle on your asset and appreciate long lease tenures. Rent is funded by the federal government through the Age Pension and Commonwealth Rent Assistance payment.


“The private rental market will become increasingly important in accommodating the growing number of older households. As more and more households rent into retirement, there will be an increasing need for secure, stable, affordable and appropriate housing options in the private rental sector” (source: Effective downsizing options for older Australians Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute Limited Feb 2020).

We invite you to partner with us to be part of the solution.

Is my investment property suitable for co-living?

Homes offered to tenants by Calyptus Co-living are carefully curated to ensure they are appropriate for seniors. We would be interested in speaking with you if you have an investment property that is a single-level 3-4 Bedroom home on a reasonably flat block. Duplex/Dual-key homes are ideal.

Investment property owners should be open to long-term leases.

Older properties may require some remedial works or refurbishment. Calyptus can arrange a scope of works and then manage tenders and the build process through a trusted third-party project manager.

Additional costs to the investor would be a furniture package ($7-10k per home) and solar (optional, but encouraged).

How do I employ Calyptus Co-living to manage my property?

You can engage Calyptus to manage your investment property through a normal property management agreement.

Would there be any construction or renovation work required?

For an existing home it is likely that there would be some level of construction or renovation work required to make the home appropriate for co-living. The co-living concept requires every bedroom to have a private bathroom. This can usually be retrofitted. Other features include, for example, a handrail on the wall next to the toilet.

Calyptus will scope and project-manage any work required on your behalf.

What services do you provide?

Calyptus acts as your investment property manager and will find and manage your tenants through our flatmate matching service, as well as manage maintenance and repairs as required.

Calyptus can also introduce you to new house and land packages where the homes are specially designed for co-living.

How long should I plan to commit my investment property to co-living?

Seniors prefer stable housing and seek long lease tenures. We encourage our property owners to commit to at least a ten-year investment.

If you do need to exit your investment we can introduce the property to our waitlist of interested buyers.

What kind of financial returns can I expect?

Single rooms with private bathrooms typically rent for $220-280 per week, equating to a gross weekly rent return of:

  • 3 bedrooms – $660-840 p/week
  • 4 bedrooms – $880-1,120 p/week

The amount of rent charged per room fluctuates depending on the size of the room, the size and condition of the house, location , etc.

How do the leases work?

We use standard residential lease agreements.

Will seniors actually share?

The concept of sharing a rental home is designed to improve affordability and reduce loneliness, in a safe, secure environment.

A research report by PRD Research in 2020 found that 75.4% of private renters would say ‘yes’ to shared living. This response provides strong evidence to suggest that shared living is a viable solution for
older Australians aged 55 and over to alleviate the pressures of financial difficulties and in some cases loneliness. This research found strong evidence that shared living is a viable solution for Australians aged 55 and over, in order to alleviate the pressures of either or both financial struggles and loneliness (source: Shared Living Preferences Of Older Australians Report 2020. PRD Research)

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