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Find me a Calyptus Co-living investment property

If you are interested in buying a Calyptus Co-living home, we can act as your agent to find an appropriate investment property that meets your criteria for price and location. We run waiting lists of potential tenants and can recommend areas of high rental demand with tenants ready to move in.

As an investment proposition, the co-living model is optimised on homes valued at less than $1m, assuming three lettable, separately-ensuited rooms. More rooms may result in a higher return.

Based on a home valued at $500,000 with three lettable, separately-ensuited rooms, we would typically achieve a gross yield of more than 7%, with a net yield (before tax) of around 5.5%.

There is typically some level of construction or renovation work required to make the home appropriate for co-living. The co-living concept requires every bedroom to have a private bathroom. This can usually be retrofitted. Other features include, for example, a handrail on the wall next to the toilet.

Our experienced builders can scope and project-manage any work required on your behalf.