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It's not just a room

It's a better way to live!


Why Calyptus Co-living?

Comfortable homes.

Convenient locations.

Great people to share with.


Comfortable homes carefully selected to provide you with secure accommodation in a safe and sociable environment.


Your new home comes with new friends! A chat and a glass of wine is waiting right there for you.


No arguing over bills! All maintenance, electricity and water is included into one easy, fortnightly rental payment.


Convenient locations
where you want to live

Calyptus Co-living is looking after the essential workers who look after us!
Offering quality rental accommodation in
connected, convenient locations at an affordable price.

What's included?

Everything you need, plus more!


Private rooms

Every bedroom features your own private bathroom and built-in wardrobe.


Furnished shared spaces

Shared living and dining areas are furnished on us – smart TV included!


Kitchen essentials

Kitchens come with whitegoods and cooking gear such as pots, pans, dishes and cutlery, full stop



Enjoy the support and friendship of other like-minded people who share your interests and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is smoking allowed in the home?

You may not smoke inside our homes. You may only smoke outside.

How does it work?

Our Essential Workers residents occupy a room in a share house under a standard residential tenancies lease. All residents have their own bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe. Kitchen, living and dining areas in the home are shared spaces where you can enjoy social time with your housemates.

Who are my housemates?

We screen all applicants and try to match housemates with similar interests. Where possible we will try to arrange a meet and greet with your potential housemates before you make a decision.

How big are the rooms?

Rooms are varying sizes and depend on the home.

Can I bring my own furniture?

For your bedroom – yes. We will try to accommodate any other special pieces that you may wish to bring.

What furniture is included?

Bedroom furniture is not included – you will need your own bed, bedside table and drawers. All shared space furniture and appliances are provided.

How long is my lease?

We like to sign our residents on to a fixed-term lease, typically a short initial period (three months) to make sure the Essential Workers home is working for all stakeholders. Following the initial three-moth period, we will execute a longer-term lease with residents.

What kind of lease do I sign?

We use standard residential tenancy leases.

What if I don’t get on with my housemates?

It is not unusual for disagreements to occur in community living environments. If you have a dispute with a housemate we encourage you to try and solve it between yourselves.

Who is Essential Workers for?

Calyptus Essential Workers is specially designed for seniors looking for affordable, appropriate rental accommodation in a shared environment with like-minded people.

If you are tired of living alone in your house, Essential Workers can provide you with easy social interaction when you want it, as well as the security of knowing you are all looking out for each other.

What are the house rules?

Calyptus provides each home with a generic set of house rules for the efficient running of the house. Residents are encouraged to agree and add their own house rules.

How are my housemates selected?

Calyptus provides a flatmate screening matching service to try and create the ideal household. All potential residents are screened and interviewed to ensure they understand the concepts behind community co-living and fit the culture.

Alternatively, we encourage interested potential residents to team up with their friends to create their own households. If you have a collection of your friends ready to go into a Calyptus Co-living home, then get in touch with us today with your preferred location so we can source the ideal property for you.

What if there are no homes in my area?

Please register for our waiting list and note where you would like to live. We are constantly sourcing new properties and will notify you as soon as we have one available in your area.

Do we have privacy in our homes?

Yes. We require all incoming residents to agree and sign the Calyptus Essential Workers Residents Charter that commits housemates to respecting each others privacy.

What is Essential Workers?

Essential Workers is a new style of housing that provides residents with convenient living and the option of socialising with housemates in generous, furnished spaces. Homes are designed to feature a collaborative “community” culture where residents share similar interests and values and look out for each other.

Will Calyptus enter the home?

We will only enter the home to conduct maintenance and repair work, or for scheduled inspections. You will receive notification of any entry intentions in advance, in accordance with the state residential tenancies legislation.

Do I have to be retired?

Not necessarily. We encourage our residents to maintain active lifestyles.

How do empty rooms get filled when someone moves out?

We maintain waiting lists of people seeking essential workers accommodation. When one of your housemates leaves, we will work with the remaining tenants to find a suitable replacement.

Are pets allowed?

Some of our properties allow pets. We know the importance of pets to your health and wellbeing and we try to source properties that accept pets. If you do want to have a pet you may be required to pay for an annual pest spray.

Ending your lease

You can terminate your lease at any time with only two weeks notice.

Is there a bond payable?

Yes. We require a bond amount equivalent to four weeks rent. We do accept State Bond Grants or Bond Loans.

How often do I have to pay rent?

Rent is paid fortnightly, two weeks in advance.

What is included in my rent?

Your fortnightly rental payment covers electricity and water usage, wifi and emergency call monitoring. Any additional services that you connect such as cable or streaming TV must be paid for by you.

What is NOT included in my rent?

Your rent does not cover any home cleaning services or garden/yard maintenance. We do not include these components because many of our residents are eligible for government-funded services that cover this kind of work, as well as many other services such as personal care and meal preparation. We can assist you in accessing these services.

Who looks after the garden?

It is the responsibility of the tenants to maintain the gardens. If you are unable to do so, we can arrange a gardening and mowing service at an additional cost to you. Alternatively, we can assist you to obtain a government-funded service to maintain your yard.

What if something in the home breaks or needs repair?

Calyptus organises repairs and maintenance on behalf of the property owner.

What items are the resident’s responsibilities?

Residents are responsible for the fortnightly rental payment and any additional services they engage such as telephone or cable TV. Residents pay to insure their own personal contents.

Calyptus pays for wifi internet and emergency call monitoring.

The landlord covers all rates, taxes, insurance, power and water.

Residents are responsible for the maintenance of gardens and grounds. Calyptus will assist residents in sourcing Government funding if needed to help with this function.

How it Works

Three steps to better living

Find the home
you love

Browse our homes and book an inspection.

Meet your

Connect with new

Make it

Sign your lease, pay the bond, move in!

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